Interactive Dashboard

The JCAP Cashboard is a web-based app that takes data from your banks and organises it to suit your business requirements. Our experienced treasury team provide a concierge cash management service that helps users to:

  • Monitor liquidity & counterparty risk.
  • Improve cash visibility with the ability to drill down to each account.
  • Set custom limits and be alerted when limits are exceeded.

Liquidity Modelling

Manage liquidity across your organisation and drill down to each business unit or currency book.

  • Interactive modelling; move cash between banks to model changes.
  • Address liquidity breaches.
  • Reduce liquidity risk.
  • Maximise income by modelling changes and seeing the impact on yield and limits.

Bank Exposure

The cashboard allows you to view your balances at each of your banking counterparties, set exposure limits and see a breakdown of all open deposits.

  • Quickly view exposure at all of your banks.
  • Set custom limits and be alerted when limits are exceeded.
  • Drill down to view accounts and deposits at each bank.
  • See which banks you have headroom at.
  • Facilitates CASS7.13.11R and CASS7.13.10R.

Independent bank due diligence reports

Online access to our in-depth research on a wide range of banks, compiled using multiple data sources. This research aids the selection, appointment and periodic review of counterparties.

  • Credit ratings (Fitch, Moodys, S&P).
  • Financial results summary.
  • Basel III capital adequacy ratios.
  • Ownership Structure.
  • Credit Default Swaps (CDS).
  • Facilitates CASS 7.13.20 & CASS 7.13.8.F


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Primary Contact

Jerry O’Keeffe

Director, JCAP Treasury Services

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