RAW Capital Partners launches a new cash fund in conjunction with JCAP Treasury Services

Spitfire1Financial services companies from both Jersey and Guernsey have combined skills to launch a cash deposit fund aimed at Trustees, Company and Fund administrators and private clients.

The Fund represents a unitised version of JCAP’s successful cash pooling model utilising their Trident software.

The Investment objective of the Fund is to generate a better return than is typically available on one month bank deposits whilst reducing counterparty risk through diversification of banking institutions.

The RAW Cash Deposit Fund offers investors several significant advantages when compared to traditional cash solutions. These advantages include:

Counterparty Diversification

The Fund offers an attractive and convenient method to diversify counterparty risk across multiple banking institutions.

Attractive Returns

The Fund targets returns in excess of one month deposit rates offered by major banking institutions.

Simple, Stable and Secure

The Fund invests solely in a range of bank deposits with high quality institutional counterparties. There is no yield enhancement through derivatives or structured products.

Risk Management

Counterparty exposure, liquidity and risk profiles of banking counterparties are actively monitored by JCAP.

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iPad winner from the JCAP competition

Tim Barnes, Managing Director of Henley & Partners Ltd was the lucky winner of the JCAP breakfast seminar competition. Tim won an iPad for being the closest person to predict where the FTSE would finish on the 2nd August.


A service to Treasure


A profile of JCAP Treasury Services, published in the JERSEY EVENING POST on Thursday 15 December 2011

JCAP Treasury Services is registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Registration number 104439.