Our Investment Philosophy & Process

We manage investment portfolios in line with our philosophy and process which provides a structured, disciplined and consistent approach to long term investing.

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy in managing money stems from our desire to protect and enhance your wealth over time. We believe it essential to give equal priority to the management of risk and returns aimed at delivering strong, consistent risk adjusted returns over the long term. To accomplish this, we are guided by three core principles :

  • Active management to seek out opportunities and manage risk
  • High conviction approach to asset allocation and investment decisions
  • An unconstrained investment style, not beholden to a market benchmark

Our approach to investing allows us to optimise exposure to a broad range of asset classes and investments, creating opportunities, diversifying risk and delivering on your objectives.

Our Process

The nature of our investment process allows us to deliver robust, diversified investment portfolios and ensures that the principles of our philosophy are reflected in how we manage money.

Our clear, five-stage investment process makes sure your preferences are at the centre of what we deliver.

1. Understanding your needs and appetite for risk

People invest for different reasons and we’ll help you define your objectives. Striving for an investment return higher than cash deposits will involve taking risk and we will help you ascertain your overall risk profile in the context of your objectives and time horizon for investing.

2. Asset allocation

We believe that asset allocation is the key driver in determining long-term returns. This strategy involves diversifying your money across various asset classes, sectors and geographies to reduce the investment risk within your portfolio. Our Investment Committee defines our ‘house view’ on asset classes at a macro-economic level, taking a long-term strategic view and incorporating a tactical overlay to account for short to medium term opportunities and risks.

3. Research and investment selection

Conducting in-depth research is crucial in building the most accurate picture of the investment landscape. Our experienced investment team follows an extensive and rigorous research process to identify investment opportunities. They pool their knowledge, experience and information sourced from meetings with companies’ management, fund groups and third-party research companies. From the research, the team screen the investment ideas to produce an ‘Approved List’ of high quality investments which are used to populate your portfolio.

4. Portfolio construction

Our team create portfolios in line with different objectives and risk profiles and the investment vehicles used to populate portfolios can include collectives (e.g. funds &  investment trusts) and individual securities (e.g. bonds & ETF’s). In line with your requirements, the investment managers select investments from our ‘Approved List’ and these are always allocated within clearly defined asset allocation tolerance ranges.

5. Portfolio monitoring

We constantly monitor your portfolio to ensure it remains in line with your objectives and risk profile, while managing your investments to maximise returns and minimise losses.


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