Counterparty Risk Monitoring


Since the financial crisis, which saw bank failures and bank bailouts, the risks associated with holding cash deposits at banks has been a major concern for clients.

JCAP offer a service which helps clients identify and monitor the risks associated with their banking counterparties and help set parameters to identify an appropriate level of counterparty exposure.

In JCAP’s view solely relying on the ratings from major credit rating agencies to monitor risk is insufficient.

Counterparty Risk,

In addition to the information provided by the rating agencies JCAP report on the following:

  • The published accounts of the banks highlighting their financial ratios.
  • Credit Default Swaps.
  • Share price movements.
  • Geo-political issues.
  • Macro risk issues.

JCAP’s counterparty risk monitoring service is a key tool for all clients who hold or manage client’s cash.

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